Pastor Devin Leichner

Pastor Devin Leichner actively leads three distinct areas within the church.

Pastor Devin is also the Lead  Pastor working in a relational alignment with his father who is the Founding Pastor of the church. They have a common desire to build a relevant 21st century church, a place where people of like heart and mind can meet. Together they have brought the generations into inspirational and practical ministry. They have helped the church face the challenge of staying with the standards of Biblical roots and fundamental principles while continuing to evolve in its methods to reach today’s contemporary lives.

He is the Oneighty Youth Pastor. Acknowledging his call to preach, he began pastoring the youth at age sixteen. He ministers to hundreds of teenagers with an energetic devotion to see teens reach their spiritual potential. He applies innovative ideas and solid Biblical preaching combined with the experiential. Pastor ‘D’ has been successful in connecting youth with the Lord and seeing them released into a powerful flow of the Holy Ghost. This has resulted in teenagers with an incredible desire to live a practical Christian life

He is a gifted communicator that operates under a powerful anointing to make a significant difference in today’s youth. He leads a dedicated group of men and women in several areas of youth ministry.

Pastor Devin is a talented musician. With a proficiency in percussion, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and as a vocalist, he has led the choir, praise singers and band into a new realm of praise and worship with consecrated passion. His desire is to create an atmosphere where God has the full focus of worship, and the Holy Ghost moves in the freedom and liberty of abandoned praise!

Pastor Devin is married to Jenny who also ministers with him. They have a daughter Reilly.