Oneighty Student Ministries
Oneighty is a weekly youth event with a live band, gym with basketball and volleyball, Café, motivational speakers, multi-media presentations, all based on Christian values. Oneighty is aimed at building confidence and self-esteem in young people. It gives them a positive outlook on life while teaching them to have respect for themselves, others and those in authority.

Oneighty Staff
It takes a lot of volunteer staff to accommodate and minister to 400 students a week at Oneighty. We currently have over 60 adult volunteer staff who are highly involved in our weekly outreach to students. Our staff is in weekly communication with us through leadership training as well as regular progress meetings. If you have a heart for teenagers Oneighty is a ministry where you can be used.

Team180 is the transportation program of Oneighty student ministries. Oneighty currently runs eight buses to surrounding communities on Wednesday nights bringing in hundreds of teens the Oneighty program.
Huddle is the term used for each specific bus route. Each huddle has a leadership team consisting of a Head Coach (adult route leader) and Assistant, Student Captains and Bus Driver.
Team180 is always looking for those desiring to minister in Team180 by driving a bus or becoming involved in the many other various aspects of a transportation ministry.

TurnLife Live
TurnLife Live is an all-new discipleship program designed to give students a strong start spiritually in their walk with Christ. Students receiving Christ for the first time or those simply wanting a better understanding of their relationship with God should make this class a priority in their life. Upon graduation students take part in a special graduation service in Oneighty pledging to stay pure in their lifestyle and follow Christ whole-heartedly. TurnLife Live takes place on Wednesday night during hangtime when students are already here for Oneighty. Four live classes with illustrations and life application tips as well as four audio CD’s give students the firm foundation and understanding needed to follow Christ. Classes are also kept in small group settings with a max of 12 students per class. This helps them to develop closer personal Godly relationships with other peers and leaders. Also upon graduation each student receives a Oneighty reward bible as well as the opportunity to purchase a Oneighty purity ring signifying their commitment to remain changed.

Teen Helps
Upon completion of the TurnLife program students then have the opportunity to get involved in the student helps ministries within Oneighty. Greeters, Café workers, ushers, bus captains, follow-up and altar-workers are just a few of the opportunities students have within the student helps program at Oneighty.

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