About the Ark

Hebrews 11:7 ‘Noah by faith built an ark for the saving of his household’

The Ark church is a multi-cultural, Full Gospel family church in the heartland of the nation, that rests under the banner of ‘the Fire in the Plains’. The Ark points to a place of safety in a storm- tossed world, and sits as a testimony to God’s plan for household salvation. The ‘fire’ refers to the mighty Presence of God according to scriptures and the empowerment of the Holy Ghost. It is a place to enjoy a God relationship and one another! We are committed to a dynamic experience of the Presence of God through the preaching of the Word, vibrant worship, prayer, a relationship with Jesus Christ and with others of like faith. The Ark is a welcoming place with a passion for the Gospel & spiritual growth. There is a focus on youth, young families and the help and development of families who are the bloodline of the next generation of worshippers and spiritual leaders. Our leadership consists of more than one generation working shoulder to shoulder to build a relevant church, equipping the saints and putting God’s love into action with a faith that really works in lives now!

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